dinsdag 29 mei 2012

Lots of Knots

 Windy as F@#@#$! That is what it has been the last couple of days. We did an awesome boat trip around Lanai, fishing, swimming and relaxing. Now back on Maui all going up and down from th boat trip, but ready for some action in 40 knots of wind.

Thanks to Jeff Bryar for taking the pictures!

donderdag 24 mei 2012

woensdag 16 mei 2012

Black Project

Every years sails and boards are tested, the moves are getting faster, higher, double, triple, more more more......! I want to push everything, we ended up with the freestyle pro now, that I tested to the fullest on both my Patrik Freestyle 99 and 90. But like the mast is the heart of the sail the board also has its extras to get better. Here is our first prototype 16cm black project. Shape - 16 cm speed fin. 

Testing soon!

maandag 14 mei 2012


The Olukai Ho'Olaule'A. Writing this I completely forgot what Ho'Olaule'A means, but whatever. On Saterday this event started sponsored by Olukai footwear. It started in the morning with a funpaddle after that the big paddle from Maliko to Kanaha. The field was big consisting out of man and women and 10 to 70 years old. SUP, Lunch and Hula. I was lucky to be picked out for some crazy hula moves. Don't know if it has to show how bad we are or how good they are. It was fun. Definately going to take a Hula class soon.


Kai Lenny finishing in the front
Bart de Zwart always racing top
Dagmar running to the finish
Free pair of Olukai flipfloppers
Little kids Hula dance
Breakdance, party dance, Hula.......? Whatever, is all the same :P

donderdag 10 mei 2012

The Cake

Tommorrow it is party time Maui! Be prepaired. Do understand that Maui is one of the most boring places I've been considering partying. 

Most inspiration comes from friends! Thanks Dave (hot-trips.blogspot.com). Cake idea!


Bussy bussy bussy.... 

woensdag 9 mei 2012

Sky high

The moon was at his fullest last week. Shining even during our sessions on the water. I had some nice freestyle sessions at Ho'okipa. It's always pretty gusty there, but the occasional ramp now an than gave it somer more variety.

dinsdag 8 mei 2012


Windsurf, surf, hike, sleep, windsurf, hike, sleep, surf. Wooww look how high it is over here and that for over two hours. West Maui Mountains hike. Cool stuff! Still bussy on the movie clip and two months to go.