zaterdag 24 maart 2012

A Lot Of Action

Last weeks windsurfing was on its top. Last week Ho'okipa was going off again. There was some swell and I tried to improve my wavesailing skills. I have to say the wave discipline is pretty AWESOME! Today we first do some yoga, something I never really do, but supposed to be good to go to the next level. After that freestyle and maybe some wave afterwards. Bussy day here. Good night Europe! Goodmorning Pacific.

 Patrik Diethelm Freestyle 99 / Hot Sails Maui Freestyle Pro 4.4 / Black Project Fins FS16

Photos by: Nicky Lam

dinsdag 20 maart 2012

The Longboard

We have one car, that already broke down three times. But it gets us at the beach. But still, it is one car and I do my stuff and Nicky her stuff. So sometimes we need to hitchhike. Part of hitchhiking is always longboarding to the right spots. After we get dropped off we longboard further and that's how we get on the spot. 

So here a little tribute to Nicky's longboard. Thanks dude!

zondag 18 maart 2012

Windsurf Heaven

The last couple of days it was perfect freestyle weather again. Patrik Diethelm Freestyle 99, strong enough wind for 4.0 and 4.4, flat between the waves and not crowded as nobody sails on this spot ;). Even after spending a lot of time on the water this session just drained all my energy out of my body. Good feeling to feel broken again. Reminds me of Holland where every session has a huge impact on you body. You know how it is: Wind in Holland means sail until you drop because it can be the last session in a long time.

Besides sailing time is flying. We're working on some nice new products and the Freestyle pro is finished and ready for ordering. My concept for my new clip is ready. Not much action on tape yet, but I will start on the edit of the intro this week!

Patrik Diethelm Freestyle 99 / Hot Sails Maui Freestyle Pro 4.4 / Black Project Fins FS16

Photos by: Nicky Lam

donderdag 15 maart 2012

The Spot Action

Yesterday, it was amazing for freestyle. We went to our "Thespot", where it was really windy. I used my Patrik FS 90 and Hot Sails Freestyle pro 4.4. Pretty overpowered sometimes but good to work on power stuff and double moves. This week will be probably the same as yesterday, so I hope I can get some action footage these days. Stay tuned, because editting is starting soon!

Ooh and the Freestyle pro is done! Colours are secret for now ;). But we're sure you'll like them.

Patrik Diethelm Freestyle 90 / Hot Sails Maui Freestyle Pro 4.4

Pictures by: Nicky Lam

maandag 12 maart 2012


Two weeks ago we went to Wailuku monthly friday. I found a really cool oldschool style cd shop. I can't remember the name, but I will definately gonna pass by again soon. Here are some pics. 

Oooh and next post will be action only!!!!! ;)

Honolua bay

Honolua bay. Sick to say the least. This is probably the best surf spot on the island. Clean waves breaking around the point and a really nice cliff to shoot photos from. Unfortunately we didn't had our boards with us, but we'll check this out ourselves soon. 

It was nice to see some boogieboard kids ripping it, but also some old guys still ruling the game.

Old dude ripping!
Old dude dipping!

zondag 11 maart 2012

Three point eight

And the wind is back again, good for 3.8. Not easy to practice backloops this overpowered but a fun session. Tommorrow more action pictures!

Pictures by: Nicky Lam

maandag 5 maart 2012

Sometimes its crowded


Hana cows and banana bread

This weekend it was tourist time again. Yeah guys it is not all action, party, movies and all that kind of stuff. I started thinking for my new movie project. This time I want to make a bit longer clip. Around 3 minutes and show some other sides of Maui.

What else happened this week? The car broke down ones. We went to Hana and all around the volcano. Nicky really felt like a Monky in the bamboo forest and I was looking where we could buy banana bread as I'm hungry 24/7.

This week it's wavy again. No wind at the moment but it looks like we're getting some nice surf action these couple of days.