donderdag 30 juni 2011


Okay let's give Jut en Jul a new blog post. Jut en Jul is a thing a frien of mine and me just started. It will be a brand focussing on some clothing stuff and a lot of art stuff. At the moment we only put some stuff we made during study online, but after the summer we will promote and update weekly. You can follow us on twitter:!/jutenjuldesign to end up at the blog:

You'll find hand made stuff, digital, 2d, 3d and more, but not yet :P! We'll probably have our first sweaters in the upcoming weeks. Photo updates of that soon. But stay tuned and make sure you follow Jut en Jul at

Summer tour

This year I started my study. Did two years in one. Now finished this year/years. The summer looks good. Fuerte and Dahab are in my agenda for the upcoming weeks. Also some video stuff and some good blog updates.
For now my part 3 of monthly movie updates is a little posponed unfortunately, but will be finished soon. Not with windsurfing this time. Still have to think some things over again and prepair a little story line or something. But will come hopefully before I will leave to Fuerte ont the 14th july.
Here are some older pictures from a good session at Amstelmeer. I was on my Patrik FS 90 and Hotsails Bolt 4.1. Powered up, really flat water and sun. We don't have a lot of sun in combination with good wind, but untill now it looks like it's changing in Holland.
Oooh and also make sure you'll check out It's a new project from a friend and me. We both do the same study. Nothing to do with windsurfing, but for the ones that are interested! Check it out.

Pictures by my babe ;) Nicky Lam

woensdag 8 juni 2011

Boneiru PWA time p.1

Bon bini na Boneiru! Yeah guys....Paul made a trip again. This time it is time for Bonaire. Again! The 12th of june is the start for the PWA Bonaire. After a few years the worldcup comes back to the small freestyle island and a lot of guys are allready stationed to get ready for some sick freestyle action.

Unfortunately we didn't had wind YET, but it looks really promising and the competition should get some good action. But no party yet, we shall see. Keep a very close eye on this blog, maybe I will come up with a question thing again, because it was such a great succes last time. We'll see.

Here is an sequence from my days in Holland. 4.7 Hotsails Bolt and 99 Patrik Diethelm Freestyle. A god preparation for Bonaire.

Sequence photo by: Sjoerd Posthumus