donderdag 26 mei 2011

Monthly Movie Update p.2

After a month of nervous waiting the second part is finally here. Again, windsurf action and not so much lifestyle, but hey... that doesn't matter.

The clip shows the feeling I get when the wind starts, the nervous feeling and the desire to go to the water immediately.

I scored some good days at Amstelmeer. I used th Hotsails Bolt 4.7 and Patrik Diethelm Freestyle 99.

Enjoy this clip and stay tuned for part 3!!

Edit: Paul Zeper
Filming: Jochem Zielstra / Francine Zeper / Nicky Lam / Ralph Hagelaar / Paul Zeper
Camera: GoPro HD / Canon hv 30
Programs: Adobe premiere pro / after effects
Music: Pretty Lights - Hot Like Dimes

maandag 23 mei 2011

Good days in low lands

The low lands have been good the past couple of days. Getting us some good winds. Not only the wind was good these days, also the sun was joining us during our approach of the wind.
I had two good sessions. One at Amstelmeer and one at Westeinderplassen today. Both were with 4.7 Hotsails Bolt and Patrik Diethelm Freestyle 99. For me the perfect combo. Tried some new things and trained a lot on some moves.
Now I got some extra footage, because like some of you know. My new Monthly Movie Udates part 2 is coming up. I will probably upload the clip this week, so stay tuned!
Photos by: Bob

woensdag 4 mei 2011

PWA Podersdorf 2011 part 3

It took some time before the wind came, but it came. After 4 days of waiting a cold front was coming our way and brought some heavy rain and wind.
In my first heat I had to sail against the Russian Yakovlev. I had an okey heat, but in the end I managed to pull out a really nice Culo, that decided the result of this heat. In the next heat I had to sail against Dieter.
Everyone knows Dieter is a good competition sailor, who is really difficult to defeat. I started my heat really good and in the beginning it looked like I was in front. But after landing a few of my moves I started crashing a lot and Dieter was on getting on form in the last few minutes.
So off to the double where I had to sail against Tilo Eber, who traines a lot in Jeri this year, and is definately one of the best German freestylers. He told me he had his best heat ever. I couldn't say that, so unfortunately Podersdorf stopped there for me.

I still need to learn a lot. I can sail really consistent, but in competition I still crash a lot. But the event was really good organized and I'm looking forward to the next event.

Daily question updates more SOON!!!!!!

pictures: PWA/John Carter

maandag 2 mei 2011

PWA Podersdorf Daily Riders Questions p.2

Remko de Zeeuw: Who are you and where do you live? I'm a really sweet guy, I have no place to go, but Davy parents adopt me some times.

Paul Boef: What is your slogan? I've had worse, that's considering the girls. Who nice chick over there, hhmmm, what was the question??

Davy Scheffers: How big is your dick? A little bit less than 2 times the ipod touch

Dieter van der Eyken: Do you always need to do a PWA competition with your parents? no not always, but a lot of time's they come if they can to support me as much as they can. And it always makes live easier if somebody has food ready for you instead of making it you'reself!

Phil Soltysiak: Your girlfriend is a kitesurfer. What do you think about kitesurfing? Ya my girlfriend is a kitesurfer, in Tarifa we sailed a lot together with her on the kite and me on my windsurf stuff. Before I thought you could kite in less wind than you could freestyle, or freestyle in more wind than you can kite, but actually we realised that our wind range is almost the same.

Yarden Meir: On the land you look like the big slow guy, what do the girls experience when you're alone with them? They think your slow to? No, maybe when I'm really tired!

Thijs Westbroek: First event and you're allready sailor of the day. Are you also partier of the day (especially last weekend)? I was more of a medium partierer of the day,start hard, play hard and sleep fast!

zondag 1 mei 2011

PWA Podersdorf Daily Riders Questions p.1

Christofer Kalk: Christofer, tell me about your daily nutrition. Mannnnnn.....beeeerrrr!
Nicolas Akgazciyan: Nicolas, just like Kiri you're well known for your haircut. Do you have the same hair extensions down below? No, because I shave!!
Kiri Thode: What does “yeah mennn” mean for you? It's the kick, the move, you feel good when you do a move and scream YEAAHHH MENNN.
Taty Frans: Taty, you have a kid now! Is she allready changing your daipers? No, but one time she did a litle crap in my hands.
Andy Bubble Chambers: Since when, and why do you have this childish haircut? I've had it since 2003. I had two options, shave it or grow it long. It was at the time I started competing, and this came out and now it's my trademark.

Lorenz Forstenleicher: You now wear leather shorts, what do you think the cow thinks if he knew he would become this? This short is made out of goat or deer leather, thats an austrian tradtional fashion... i think that this goat will think:"maybe it is not the best way to travel the world, but its super nice, that lorenz shows everybody how nice my leather could look.
Raimondo Gasperini: Are you not a little bit old for all the 16 year old girls that are around here? The age is not important, it's important to keep your spirit young. Our spirit desides what age you are!
Yegor Propretinsky: Do you earn money with modelling or are you always posing to get the chicks? Yeah I'm model. My friend is one of the best photographers in Russsia!
Rick Jendrusch: How would you see the PWA if your daddy was not here? I behave better when my dad is around, he keeps an eye on me.