zaterdag 22 januari 2011

Holland on Fire!

Holland was good this previous weekend. From friday untill sunday and even the days before, the wind was really good. But not only the wind was good. We had a temperature around 10 degrees that made the conditions perfectly suitable. It didn't feel cold at all.The board is not made for Wave sailing, but who am I to deside that! This was friday. I was sailing on the Patrik Diethelm 99 freestyle and my Hotsails maui Bolt 4.7
Competition is not about sliding anymore. They want airtime, and so want we! Not really massive, but better than an eslider.

Thanks to Torben Tijms for the pictures!

dinsdag 11 januari 2011

First session of the year

Yeahhh First session is a wrap. Good wind for the Bolt 4.1 and the trailer wave 76. The water was pretty cold, but with an air temperature of around 10 degrees it was good. A lot of fun and some good pictures.

Thanks to JePeVePe aka Jan peter van Popta (