zondag 22 november 2009

Jeri part 7

Last two weeks were pretty bussy. We came back from Camocim were we sailed on perfectly flat water. We stayed there in a Pousada for two nights, so we could sail there for 3 full days. In the mornig when the tide was low it was the best. Flat water without a wrinkle and wind for 4.1, Full Power. During the day the tide rised. Than it became a little bit more choppy.

After Camocim we sailed in Jeri again. As always good wind for 4.1 and small waves. Sarah Quitta Offringa arrived, so we could see that not only boys can pull off all the high power moves.

After a few days Jeri we went back to the lagoon between the dunes. It started with Niek. After being on the water super fast, he also came off the water that super fast. While ducking the sail the clew hit his nose. The whole day we wondered if his nose was broken. But that is not the end. After a few hours sailing Adrian Boholz came of the water. When he came closer it became clear he broke his finger. His finger looked a lot smaller and was turned around the other way. You can imagine that it looked pretty messed up. Adrian all the best luck to you, and if I don't see you back in Jeri all the best recovering.

Besides the two incidents we had a really good time. Sweet fresh water strong wind and flat water.

Now we are back in Jeri again and I'm almost starting with my last week in Brazil.

On the pictures you'll find Steven van Broeckhove (F2/Mauisails), Remy Kaller (North/Tabou), Jeller Caers (F2/Loftsails), Edvan de Souza (RRD/Simmer) and me (AHD/Hotsailsmaui)

Jeri part 7 pictures

donderdag 12 november 2009

Jeri part 6

Last week was a really tiring week. We surfed a lot for the past 3 weeks and this week we were all really tired. We stayed in bed for 2 days watching movies and chilling a lot. On of the main points was the lagoon. We went to a small lagoon between the dunes. The wind was good for 4.1, the water was clear, sweet and flat.

Here are some pictures

zaterdag 7 november 2009

Jeri part 5

After another week of sailing full power it was time to take a break. My body was feeling super tired and a few wounds got a little infected. Time to rest and watch a movie. After relaxing at home for a few hours we went out with the film camera to take some intro/lifestyle footage. Today there will be action again. Probably with 4.1 full power. Hopefully we can shoot some action footage today. I will finish the movie after Jeri and it will than be posted on my website http://www.paulh115.nl I will keep you updated. No pictures this time, but definately next time.

woensdag 4 november 2009

Jeri part 4

The wind stays in Jeri. At our home spot the wind stays good for 4.1. Even fully powered up. The last week the waves got a little better, so we could do some jumping. I landed my first backloop.

One of the days we went to a lake called Azul. It was a little choppy, but clean fresh sweet water and good wind for 4.7. It was a little gusty but still fun. It was good to sail on another spot.

Now the waves got smaller again but the difference between low and high tide got bigger. Now everyday around 16.00 we have a small lagoon downwind were we have glassy flat water, good for double moves and all other freestyle moves.